July 28, 2006

We will tell you what to think

Being independent, I now disagree with The Independent. Thanks for shoving your views down my throat, Indy.
The covers of the red-top tabloids scream their opinions every day, which is to be expected.
However, even if you didn’t know the political bias of the quality papers, you would expect to be able to read something on the front page. A few facts would be nice.

Independent front covers from 21st July, and today.
There are at least two sides to the story unfolding in Lebanon and we have the choice of either sticking to a particular point of view or of changing our minds.
Some of the people on the petition have opinions I’d like to hear (Director of Christian Aid, Former ambassadors, even a few scientists); but when I see Damon Albarn, Brian Eno, Tracey Emin and Peter Gabriel there, my first reaction is to tell them to shove it.
Whatever experience a career in music or in exhibiting shitty beds gives them, celebrities have not earned a right to stand before me like a high street charity mugger and proselytise, unless they want to sing songs about war or make a Statue of Peace out of toilet paper and frozen ducks’ blood.
Except for Saint Bob, of course.

Three wars are raging in the Middle East, and Iran is quietly making nuclear bombs. Meanwhile, in Cloud Cuckoo Land:
Daily Express: Diana, Diana, and more sodding Diana

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Anonymous said...

the one on the left particularly gets my goat.

I can just imagine The Independent cover from 1941, showing the UK 'isolated' as the only European country not to accept Nazism...

sometimes being isolated is OK

SchizoFishNChimps said...

That sort of list is meaningless anyway, when you consider some of the nutcase countries on the "right" side.
It's been pointed out before that if Robert Mugabe turned up at an Arab League conference, then Zimbabwe would have the unique virtue of being the most democratically legitimate nation in the room.