July 21, 2006

Tissues at the ready

You'd think Kleenex would've sponsored this, but maybe Channel 4's latest wheeze, Wank Week, isn't the sort of occasion a respectable family brand would want to be associated with.
Tummy wipes aside, I wonder what the whole point of this is. I mean, a whole week?
Channel 4 is one of the UK's prime terrestrial TV channels, with a reputation for sailing close to the wind with some very risky scheduling. I'm simply curious at the nature of the content that could possibly sustain the theme's momentum for this length of time.
The flagship event is the Masturbate-a-thon 2006, a massive public occasion of US origin, in London early next month.
Channel 4 factual entertainment commissioning editor, Andrew MacKenzie explains: "Following on from the success of Penis Week, we feel this is exactly the type of provocative and mischievous programming that Channel 4 should be covering in the 11pm slot. Masturbation is something many people do but not many people talk about."
There's more about Wank Week in this Guardian article (you may need to register first).

Tags: Human behaviour, Media, Sex

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