July 20, 2006

From the University of The Bleedin' Obvious: Celebs are a waste of money

I’ve always considered celebrity endorsements in ads to be as believable as a call girl’s assertion that you’re her best-ever shag. Those in either profession are simply going through the motions in their own inimitable way and if you believe either of them, then you’re the sucker.
This form of advertising has taken a bit of a media battering recently, what with the overexposure of underperforming football stars in the World Cup and the wearisome presence of Carol Vorderman in those secured-loans ads for a firm that has been compared to the worst kind of loan shark.
So it was with some satisfaction that I read about a new study part-sponsored by the NCC which reinforces this view. In short, it reveals that the star approach could be a waste of money.

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