July 24, 2006

Tie me battered seal pup down, sport

I once got into a fight with a Norwegian over an argument about food. He made a gentle quip about what he understood was Britain's national dish, fish and chips.
Innocently, I said that there was nothing controversial about pieces of deep fried potato served with a slab of fish in batter, unlike Norway's national dish, which I assumed was battered seal pup.
I am reminded of this episode by the unlikely figure of one of our national treasures, Rolf Harris, who has recorded this protest song aimed at Canada's seal batterers. Seeing a celebrity on a similar cheese level (a unique star status that requires an association with nostalgia, a certain self-deprecation, and being a target of light ridicule) as David Hasselhoff and Tony Blackburn being passionate about this issue makes this video strangely watchable and, if you are so inclined, moving.

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