July 03, 2006

Phase 1 ... getting there

Never mind the million monkeys on typewriters writing Shakespeare. That was my first job.
We've evolved into seasoned blog writers and it only took a thousand chimps and a thousand links to bring the first phase of the masterplan to a near-conclusion. Yes, the CMM News dominance of the world is well underway.
This is the chart that counts: Beyond Madison Avenue's top 25 ad blogs, and we almost shaded in at 25, and would have done if the others weren't so damned good.

Tags: Ad industry, Bigging-up, Online, Surveys

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think you've got a pretty good chance next week. Like I said on BMA, at first it was much easier to make the Top 25 list. Now it's damned hard. But that will just make it that much more prestigious when you make the cut ;)