July 26, 2006

Coca-Cola targets tall psychotic women

Northern Planner and the-ad-pit have both taken a pop at Coca-Cola Zero’s advertising, its TV spot in particular. There is something about the nudge-nudge digs at the annoyances of life which is particularly galling, considering this is one of the world’s largest corporations doing the sniggering.
Now I see Coke has backed down from its too smug press and poster campaign that was doing a fine job of alienating women, tall people, and people with mental disorders (and especially tough for tall psychotic women).
See the Girlfriends and Tall People ads on Flickr.
Admittedly, I think taking offence at marriage gags and an over-supply in the height department is pushing sensitivity a bit too far, but the psycho dig is a bit close to the knuckle.
However, it’s this one that gets my goat. TV without the ads:
In the UK Coke and its various sub-brands spent over £5 million on TV advertising alone in 2005. So, you’re going to drop TV advertising, are you?
I wonder if any Coke execs drive SUVs.

Agency: VCCP

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