July 20, 2006

Recurring themes: roll up for the agency spankathon

It’s usually safer to keep me away from the creative process. It was quietly suggested to me, in the politest possible way, that centering a campaign for a top-range car around a cartoon giraffe might not be a good idea (giraffes need plenty of leg and head room). This came a month after discussing a new line of anti-ageing lotion (giraffes smothered in creamy white stuff), and a campaign for a newspaper (giraffes as an allegory, contrasting the large broadsheet format with a new compact size).
Now I am elevated to running things from my basement command centre, which has been a trifle humid of late. I have attributed my recent peculiar dreams to the heat, until this morning when I realised that there was something more substantial niggling me. “Dave,” I commanded my deputy, “switch on the big computer thingy and look something up.”
Enter: BUM or BOTTOM or BUTTOCKS or ARSE or ASS, with some truncations.
I studied the printout.
The Renault Megane: shaking bottoms. For the last hundred years, Asda: patting bottoms. And a few years ago, Velvet toilet tissue: rows of cheeky naked bottoms…. all from the same agency. Why, even last week it released a viral for Charmin which, although it didn’t feature any on-screen buttocky goodness, was unashamed in its salute to the bottom’s natural function.
There’s something deeply ingrained within Publicis that encourages the celebration of the gluteal region. Get on their mailing list so you don’t miss out on the annual agency spankathon.

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