July 04, 2006

Spunky Russian vodka advertising

Konstantin Dlutskiy’s Russian Marketing Blog is a fascinating read, covering a country that to my eyes seems chaotic, dangerous, seductive and exciting, while being only a couple of hours away by private jet. One of its exiled sons regularly joins me for lunch where we discuss the latest addition to his football team and investing in banana futures (which aren’t looking good, by the way).
There’s some mightily dodgy advertising over there, as well as some truly imaginative stuff, and my scatalogical eye couldn’t miss the blog’s current feature on a vodka brand’s advertising. Maybe I have a filthy mind, and have seen one too many vodka ads that play the sex card, but this poster reminded me of this hilarious but not safe for work quiz that featured on b3ta.
Don’t let that distract you from Dlutskiy’s article though – there is a legitimate reason for the naked babe covered in moo milk.

Tags: Bigging-up, FMCG, Press/outdoor ads, Sex

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