July 10, 2006

International relations all ale and hearty - part 4

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Spitfire Ale completed their offensive against those darn foreigners even while England crashed in flames in the usual manner.
The funny thing was that, even with the jolly xenophobia that usually accompanies anything to do with the country's traditional enemies, the general view of the old foes appeared to be more positive: the Germans aren't such a bad bunch after all, and there was the odd phenomenon of support for the French (admittedly at first because it was the lesser of two evils: seeing anyone beat Portugal, especially its sly diving crybaby, Ronaldo, was the priority), which I suspect continued up to Zinedine Zidane's headbutt on Italy's Marco Materazzi in the Final.
The most popular talking point about England's campaign, apart from seeing the back of its overpaid Swedish manager, will be Wayne Rooney's sending off (his own stupid fault), encouraged by Ronaldo. The opposing players also happen to be team mates at Manchester United, hence this strip anticipating a dressing room reunion:
To understand some of the hysteria about this, here's a tabloid spread from last Monday:
Gawd bless 'er Majesty's press.
[Earlier ads from Spitfire's campaign can be seen here]

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