July 17, 2006

Minstrels. The lost script: Spy Pill

This cab’s going to cost me a fortune. What was it I was trying to remember?

I wonder if I’ll see any giraffes.

[gasp!] Brian said he’d left me something in my handbag! Maybe it’s a secret message!

I don’t remember buying this.

I must have been shit-faced last night. I wonder how many are left?

He's scoffed the lot! This looks like rabbit poo. I think Brian's been messing with my head.

Maybe I'll find something in here. If I hold it up, I might just see David Hasselhoff tearing down the Berlin Wall.

No, nothing at 50 degrees. If I tilt it further I'll see what's jamming the entrance to this multidimensional hyperspace portal. Maybe there's a giraffe up there. I'll tilt it a bit higher. That'll help.

Aah, David Hasselhoff. I love that guy.

I can't remember who I am.

Haha we've just passed a giraffe on a motorbike.

I'm driving to the police station.

Hello ickle fairy. You been naughty ickle fairy?
Bad queenie eat naughty ickle fairy.

Mmmm. Secret message...


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