July 03, 2006

Eauver the top

26 million British adults drank 1.7bn litres of bottled water last year. Between 1993 and 2003, the UK market grew from 580 litres a year to two billion and it’s now worth £1.5bn a year.
Madness. There are very few things left that the British can claim to be very good at, and producing good quality tapwater is one of them. Admittedly, the country is experiencing one of the wettest droughts on record, but that shouldn’t stop sensible people from using something that’s virtually free.
Don’t like chlorinated tapwater? Chlorine’s a gas, so pour the water into a bottle, leave it unopened half an hour for the gas to disappear, then stick it in the fridge.
Still, if you’re hell bent on making self-hydration a fashion statement then humping around a bottle of Evian is the way to do it. Snuggled amongst the ads with footballers flogging sunglasses, aftershaves, watches and fashion tat in the men’s monthlies are these rather delicious spreads for Evian.
Despite having a phobia about swimming pools, I like these. There may be some self-mockery in them: pour it, waste it, fling it about. It’s only water, after all.
Agency: Euro RSCG

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