July 10, 2006

Beauty and brains do go together

Here’s a heads-up for advertisers of beauty brands: beautiful people are clever. The Times says so, so it must be true, giving us the perfect excuse to see more beauties sprawled across billboards and inside our magazines. Never mind the nice arse, you too can aspire to being as clever as that conveniently undressed specimen.
It’s interesting to note that this comes on the same day as a survey revealing that female magazine readers (i.e. 99% of the adult female population) have voted Kate Winslet (not doing too badly in the intelligence stakes either, I’ll warrant) as having the most desirable body in Britain.
Thank heavens they didn’t pick some beanpole. Advertisers and fashionistas take note.

Sophie Dahl: fine British brains at their best

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Anonymous said...

interesting page of "women as stupid" in print ads:


SchizoFishNChimps said...

Fascinating... these days it's men who apparently get the raw deal in ads. There's a thesis waiting to be written there.