July 21, 2006

BBC floating head fails to declare that the penis is evil

While Channel 4 is preparing to shock the nation’s aunties with its festival of self-love, the nation’s Auntie, the BBC, is indulging in its own form of self-abuse. The corporation’s governors have upheld complaints about a trailer for the BBC’s digital TV service that featured a giant animated head made up of smaller heads, labelled by viewers as “repulsive” and “disturbingly psychotic”.
Brand Republic reports that the campaign was dropped from broadcast in December after over a thousand complaints.
I laughed when I first clapped eyes on the trailer, recognising the same horror elements I’d seen many years ago in weird John Boorman cult film Zardoz, where a floating head booms death commands at hordes of barbarians.
The BBC’s trailer is a pretty average piece of CGI, but you’d need to be blind not to see how it could upset little kiddies and the many wilting violets that constitute the great British public.
The BBC trailer can be seen here, and the penis-hating Zardoz here.

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Anonymous said...

Holy shit. A Zardoz reference. I thought I was the only person to see that movie.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

It's one of those films that if I just happen to catch when flicking through the TV channels, I just have to watch.
Zardoz has a level of weirdness that elevates it way above any other film of that era, IMHO.
And Sean Connery???

Anonymous said...

Well, certainly some of his finest work before Outland.