July 19, 2006

A day when chaps can be chaps

Let's hope that Nike, Pepsi and the usual suspects can be kept away from what must be the final bastion of fair play in a world of poor sportsmanship: The Chap Olympics, which took place in London earlier this month. Apparently sponsored by Hendrick’s Gin (who?), events include the three-trousered limbo, hop-skip and jump holding a brimming gin and tonic, and (my favourite, this) the team event of mixing a dry martini without a butler to help.
More about it on Hendrick’s site, plus there's a photoset from the BBC. This surely is destined to match the Red Bull Flugtag for sheer sporting pointlessness.
As a sad footnote, it appears that this month’s Scottish Flugtag has been postponed because it might frighten the birds.

Tags: Human behaviour, Sponsorship /PR

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