July 12, 2006

Boo to poo taboo. Bears stay in zoo.

If you were told Charmin were releasing a viral ad, you’d probably expect to see something graphic involving bears, the brown stuff, and woods. Thankfully we do have a Charmin release, and it didn’t resort to using the bears.
The big surprise is that Procter & Gamble have actually released a viral. This is surpassed by the ground-breaking innovation of advertising a major toilet roll brand by referring to the bodily function for which the product was invented. There’s lots of poo (and a drop of wee-wee too, for good measure). You have to work at it to get all the poophemisms, but it’s fun and cute. Click here for the ad.
Next: feminine hygiene products.
Agency: Publicis

Tags: FMCG, Poo, vomit & wee-wee, Viral

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