May 04, 2006

Women, know your place

There is a rule that any female wishing to spend time in my presence has to use received pronunciation. From your point of view it's a culty thing, but for me it just sends shivers up my spine in a good way.
It's a good thing that I live in a glass box in a basement 'cos today's accents are just a mess. My reception area has this video on a loop, for instructional purposes.

Aaah, they were the good old days, when secretaries were submissive and wives knew how to serve up a proper breakfast and get their just reward at night time. But now we're told that housewives are worth something in obscene monetary terms?
Her Majesty's Daily Telegraph has an unlinkable article saying that a full-time, stay-at-home mother would earn £72,609 a year if paid for all her work, which is big bananas in anyone's book. It's based on a US study which is frankly unreadable because it uses that weird word "mom" which sounds a bit too like some eastern mystical chant to me when said slowly.
But women shouldn't complain, according another story last month which revealed that the postmodern female has embraced housework as "mentally therapeutic".
A cuppa tea when you've finished, love. Cheers.

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