May 05, 2006

La petite grenouille

Oh dear - things aren't good in the basement. Dave and I have had a falling out. He caught me with my giraffe porn, just as I was colouring in their bottoms with red crayon. He got all huffy; I got cross... and now I have to spend the rest of the morning sewing his arms back on.
I'm a lot calmer now, especially after seeing the English version of this dreamy 30" spot from Air France on one of my 50-inch plasmas with Dolby 5.1 sound. Simple, relaxing and pleasing, especially when nestled amongst the cacophony of noisy too-clever-by-half ads on the telly these days. There's even a little froggie in it - good to see the French can laugh at themselves. I do find the pontoon mildly disturbing, however. The thought of being over water. Chimps can't swim, you see. Urgh.

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