May 11, 2006

International relations all ale and hearty

If you Google “Spitfire Ale ads” you’ll get an idea of the controversy they’ve caused about German-bashing.
Loudest complainant is the Mayor of London, the same man who accused a Jewish journalist of behaving like a concentration camp guard.
Telling football fans at the forthcoming World Cup tournament in Germany that they can’t joke about the war…. well, that’s going to work, isn’t it?
So, it’s good to see that the gentle art of xenophobia is still alive and well. To show you how disgusted I am at this new campaign (poking fun at other countries and not just the Germans, which seems fair and democratic to me), here are some appalling examples. Observe and be disgusted, while I retire to a corner, chuckling.
[Click on the pictures to enlarge]

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