May 22, 2006

Survey collision: fat kids on the menu at McDonald’s

Some things just aren’t meant to be: McDonald's are dropping their healthy menus. Unsurprising really - if animals weren’t meant to be eaten then they wouldn’t have been made of meat.
The fresh fruit and pasta menus didn’t work because you go to McDonald’s for greasy burgers, not for a health rush. And so, the world’s greatest burger chain is going back to basics not with a whimper but with a glorious roar as a giant 40%-bigger-than-a-Big Mac burger storms onto the menu.
Meanwhile, if you’re wondering why today’s school class photos are wider than yesteryear, then the Department of Health probably knows: they are introducing obesity tests on 4- and 10-year-old schoolchildren. The incentive for the kids? McDonald's vouchers.*
*I made that bit up

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