May 09, 2006

I'm smarting and I'm blue

What with organised religion, taxes, and excessively frequent ad breaks during Lost, it seems that all the fun is being sucked out of the world. And life has just got a little bit worse again.

Last year Nestle Rowntree killed off the Smarties tube. A sturdy roll of cardboard with a colourful lid, you could use it as a peashooter, a telescope, or a chimney on a home-made Titanic model. I've even seen someone stick it up their bum before lighting a fart.

The replacement is a flimsy hexagon with an annoying little flap inside that you need to rip out before up-ending the entire contents into your mouth.

But now we must bid farewell to the blue Smartie. Gone is pleasure of feeding them to small children, sitting back and watching the ensuing hyperactive mayhem. Smarties are going healthy and the blue ones are disappearing, along with their artificial colouring, to be replaced by white, pill-like Smarties. It looks like we'll have to look elsewhere for a cheap chemical rush.

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