May 15, 2006

A woman’s path to happiness

The British Olympic team are really buggered if today’s reports about the sport our women really excel at, shopping, are true. According to research by Conchango (which sounds like a Mexican villain from a spaghetti western), women no longer have time to go shopping and, get this, it’s damaging for their relationships. Not if they leave their men at home, it isn’t.
Still, we know the survey must be true, at least with music-buying because another piece of research tells us that women, put off by the hassle of record shops, are starting to outpace men with music downloading.
So, is shopping alone and downloading music part of a woman’s path to happiness? Not if you’re a housewife mum, ‘cos the chances are that you are fat.

Tags: Human behaviour, Online, Sex, Surveys

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