May 10, 2006

Ladies, choose your partner

The perfect female mate should satisfy the four criteria to ensure she conforms to the Australian Ideal:
1. Is she rich?
2. Is she beautiful?
3. Does she have the sexual morals of an alley cat?
4. Does she own a pub?

See: life's simple when you've XY chromosomes. But with the supposed demographic shift taking place in the Western world (not that I believe it) where the human female:male ratio is tipping increasingly the female way, life surely can't be getting easier for women on the lookout for a male partner, be he boyfriend, husband, fuckbuddy or whatever.
Here are two surveys in The Times, one saying that women can tell whether a man likes children simply by looking at his picture, and the other that women are increasingly becoming the main family breadwinners.
The latter survey may be more believable, being based on statistics, although any progress on salaries must be hampered by the curious British taboo of discussing one's own earnings (how do you know you're being paid what you deserve if you don't know what your colleagues earn?), whereas the former survey is another piece of academic makebelieve nonsense dreamt up by some backwater university. Does it trawl out the same old "fact" that Leonardo di Caprio has a babyish face and attraction to it is determined by [insert theory here] ? Why, yes it does!
My opinion? It's all male dangly bits, i.e. bollocks.

Tags: Human behaviour, Sex, Surveys


Anonymous said...

Incredible article, that one from the Times.

Thanks for posting it.

The only thing it doesn't explain is why no women pick me.

Perhaps i need to get them drunker?

SchizoFishNChimps said...

The trend is for toyboys, so brush your teeth, comb your hair and start checking out the older women.