May 22, 2006

Survey collision: lazy workers looking for Kate

An ntl:Telewest survey reveals that email and telephone habits can reduce productivity rather than increase it. Just over 2 hours per day are being wasted because of poor use of comms technologies. The finger is being pointed at men in particular, which seems a bit harsh considering how abrupt male social exchanges on the phone are (“Hello? See you at the Duke’s Head at seven? OK. Bye”) compared to women. This being a survey conducted by a telecoms firm, it didn’t delve deeper into internet habits, but I’ll venture that the internet is a bigger timewaster than phone or email.
And if you want to know what Britons are searching for, then The Times tells us that in St Albans they are obsessed with diets and gyms (the town has one of the highest concentrations of pubs and is quaint and posh); in Liverpool they want to know about fashion (planning the next shoplifting target); in Aberdeen money is a key concern (no comment); and in Gateshead they have a thing about Kate Winslet (who had to stop there once for a pee – the only major event in that town in the last 200 years).

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