May 11, 2006

I just love the smell of warm vomit in the morning

There's nothing more boring than other people's babies. If it's your own baby, then everything about it is charming and worthy of comment. New parents in this mindset seem to have a mental switch that prevents them from realising that non-relatives couldn't give a fig for Baby's First Smile or Baby's First Poo.
With this in mind, Britain's foremost Love It Or Hate It brand, Marmite, have gone for major gross out points with this fabulous viral from agency DDB London. Short term, it won't encourage Marmite lovers to buy a new squeezy bottle of the tar-like spread. But this doesn't matter because with a heritage of several years'-worth of pro- and anti- Marmite ads on the telly, the brand has developed quite a character.

Tags: FMCG, Poo, vomit & wee-wee, Viral

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