May 12, 2006

Freaky gee-gee hurts my head

Whooooah… my head. Aaargh brainfreeze. It’s the iced coffee donated to me to calm me down after watching too many wildlife films. Dave says I mustn’t give in to the urge to go to the zoo to lust after the giraffes.
He had a brainwave: show me a freaky film with horsey types. The woollen-headed fool doesn’t realise it’s those darn sexy long necks that do it for me. But this film… It’s from Thailand. Nice place, though the orang utans don’t like it much over there.
Ad's for a motor firm called Kia, which I thought was an orange juice, but what do I know.
There's poo in it, which makes this ad a winner in my book.

Tags: Dave, Poo, vomit & wee-wee, TV ads

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