May 25, 2006

Lakeside massacre of the deluded

Dave’s a dyslexic agnostic insomniac – last night he lay awake wondering if there was a Dog, which, he claims in his broken Latin, is as close a brush with divinity as he’s likely to have working with me, the cheeky sod.
Some people have delusions of divinity, except for me. I’d like to know which peculiar deity was in mind for a group of computer gamers who, in a fit of buttock-clenching self-importance, decided to conduct a cyber funeral for some unfortunate girl gamer who had died in real life. There are several versions as to who the poor girl was (one is that she was a Chinese teenager who had died of exhaustion after playing the Warcraft multiplayer game for several days non-stop).
Her many online friends – the result of online alliances where people tribe together into guilds - logged onto her account and took her virtual character to a frozen lake, where the memorial would take place.
Mistake 1: The friends posted notice of the funeral on Warcraft bulletin boards, asking other players to respect the cyber funeral.
Mistake 2: The venue chosen for the cyber funeral was in what is known in Warcraft circles as an Open Combat Zone.
The event was recorded. Here’s what happened.

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