May 25, 2006

Couch potatoes: we are watching you

A study showing that 61% of babies under 1 year old watch TV or a video every day is covered by Stay Free, who rightly sneer at the possible justification of the lazy parents. It is just possible that the US is a slightly more TV-obsessed culture than the UK, but not by much: The Mirror recently reported a study from the University of the Bleeding Obvious informing us that children who watch TV for more than two hours a day at weekends are in greater danger of becoming fat adults.
You think that’s bad? 40% of parents are so reluctant to take responsibility for raising their children that they want headmasters to set bedtimes.
Being a tyrant, I find the thought of eugenics quite attractive, but I’d rather sit back with my bucket of popcorn and watch the reverse-evolution of mankind as cathode ray-addled numbskulls switch off from real life, than raise a hand to save you. It’s really rather comical.
The dominance of the TV could be seen as symptomatic of the decline of western culture, but I’ll leave that dissertation for others while I keep the engines running on my private jet.
(Dave, get on the hotline to the waiting monkey hoards)

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