May 10, 2006

To run the world, you'll need one of these

The strange Heath-Robinson contraption I sit in when running the world from my basement is knackering to use. Run by hamster power and string, the old levers are tiring on the old arms. Now I've discovered the perfect solution: this stunning nuclear multi atom-splitting thingummy from Gillette that looks like a razor but doubles as a lightsabre and, with a few wires, could power a couple of small countries for a year.

Of course, the whole thing is blatantly ridiculous, and agency AMV must have a right laugh at this product which, along with other over-specced razor blades, is one of the most often-nicked items from supermarket and pharmacy displays.
But look, here's Publicis' new McCoys ad... admittedly this one went over my head the first couple of times I saw it until it clicked: they're taking the piss out of Gillette, although you wouldn't want to shave using a crisp.

Tags: FMCG, TV ads

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