May 19, 2006

Made-up names are just one big monkey puzzle

Being a trend-setter, it’s no surprise to find me playing the secret chimp king – slumped in my Lazy Boy Chair, served drinks by my account management slave girls (I’m surprised it took the police so long to find my satellite coven). I even have a nice young creative bashing out some top notch giraffe porn – red bottoms and all. Still, running the world is tiring.
It struck me the other day, sleepily watching the cricket on one of the massive TVs in my basement HQ, that I couldn’t figure out who the hell was sponsoring the match. There the logo was: resplendent and red, but I couldn’t figure the name. I was on the verge of sleep. Here’s a vertically/horizontally-flipped pic that’ll explain the puzzle:
Jamodu? An online travel agent perhaps? A new musical in the West End? Yes, I know. Stupid ape. But anyone in need of a new brand name wanting some free advertising could easily piggyback npower’s sponsorship efforts, considering that half of the time, the camera is focused on the upside-down logo on the other side of the wicket.
Jamodu would be a good made-up name, and it would certainly be in good company. In the US, there are babies being christened Nevaeh, or Heaven backwards. It’s supposed to be clever and holy, a bit like turning crucifixes upside down or saying the Lord’s prayer backwards, I suppose. The fool who first named their child Nevaeh should change his name to Reknaw, for good measure.
[Superb chimp king thumbnail art image from Elreyart]

Tags: Human behaviour, Press/outdoor ads, Sponsorship/PR, Surveys

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