August 28, 2006

Everyone else is mad

Appearing hot on the heels of Eatliver's scary old ads are these even more disturbing historical curiosities from stylishnoodle's Flickr site. What brings a shiver down the spine is that these are all pharmaceutical ads, most probably aimed at the medical profession (but who knows - the rules for advertising to the plebs must have been a lot more lenient in the olden days).
Western medicine still follows the Shovel Any Old Shit Down Your Throat So Long As It Comes In A Pill doctrine, but I don't think this collection proves things were worse in the last century; only that we were more willing to see the old, children, and women portrayed as half-wits or maniacs.
Mind you, if Injectable Whole Opium were available on mail order, I'd be reaching for the stamps immediately.

Via b3ta

Tags: Press / outdoor ads; Morons


Alvin said...

I'm a firm believer in old fashioned remedies.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

...especially when they hurt. No pain, no gain.