August 29, 2006

Run rabbit, run

I love ads with animals behaving in a smart-arse manner. It's an old cliche, but I am something of an old fart. This ad for Toyota's RAV4 Diesel is chuckle-worthy and, although unremarkable, conveys the idea of speed in a glance, with the doggie acting as a visual punchline.
It's just a wee bit sad that this comes just weeks after the scandal of the mass-culling of racing greyhounds came to light. I'm not generally a lover of animals (except for giraffes, of course) but I do have a soft spot for these sleek, skittish and affectionate creatures. And yet I frequently wondered why I'd seldom see retired greyhounds, despite the numbers involved in racing, and now I know.
In the fantasy world of Toyota, I hope this crafty fella caught his bunny and drove off into the sunset.

Agency: CHI

Tags: Press / outdoor ads; Motor

1 comment:

Scamp said...

he is on his way to the cull right now, and will get there faster thanks to his RAV4