August 07, 2006

Bottoms up for Accrington Stanley

This little bit of advertising history was featured several times on British TV this week, not during the commercial breaks, but as a sports feature.
As the new football season slowly kicks off amongst the lower leagues, many eyes were on a tiny northern club that was playing its first game in the lowest professional division for over 40 years.
The improbably-named Accrington Stanley was the butt of this Milk ad back in 1989. The ad’s undoubted charm derives from the undisguised accents of the two little scallywags’ banter; for a while “Exactly”, delivered in a broad scouse accent, became a school playground catch phrase.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my God, was it really 1989?
Thanks mate, you've made me feel about 50. Just what I need on a Monday

Anonymous said...

Its one of those ads that people my age (and a bit older) at the time will never forget, it was iconic in many respects.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

And those two little boys are now grandparents.