August 31, 2006

Burn baby burn

There's an amusing little article on the BBC website in which the author declares war on branded goods. In a short while, everything he owns that is branded will be chucked onto a bonfire. It's the usual story of disillusionment with capitalist society, where the brainwashed plebs are seduced by brands' empty promises.
Good luck to him, although his rapidly expanding balloon of sanctimony is in danger of being popped by some of the down-to-earth comments appended to the article, which rightly point out that instead of this fiery gesture, he should donate his branded goods to charity.
It wouldn't be a headline-grabber (Young Fella Donates All His Worldly Branded Goods To The Poor), which I suspect may be his real motive.
Gawd bless the great British public.

Tags: Culture, Violence

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