August 30, 2006

French lessons

You've got to envy the French their supreme confidence in celebrating the human (mostly female) body.
There's a long-standing, superb ad campaign running on the streets of Paris for lingerie brand Aubade. I wasn't aware of it until stumbling across this Flickr pic, and was puzzled by the roll of comments.
The brand appears to have achieved iconic status in France, thanks to an imaginative yet simple strategy. As brandchannel points out, each ad includes the latest lesson in the art of seducing men.
"The lessons are intended to draw women together by sharing tips on how to charm a man, but are risqué enough to appeal to men...The campaign never shows the model's face. The strategy is that the woman can better identify with the faceless body, while the ads are still sexy enough for a man to feel he is buying something special."
It's easy to see how this has succeeded: beautiful bodies combined with a humorous, intriguing message captivates the passer-by. In the second or so that it takes to process the ad, the man or woman seeing it re-engages with the brand, probably accompanied by a chuckle.

Purely in the interests of research, you may choose to examine this collection of Aubade "lessons".

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