August 10, 2006

Get these evil bastards off the streets

Last week's manufactured media hysteria was over youngsters driving mini motorbikes, a doomed trend if ever I saw one. The craze will end as soon as these kids realise that they look right tossers cramped over machines built to Action Man scale. Frankly, I'd rather have to dodge a tearaway riding me down on one of these than in a joy-ridden souped-up VW Golf nicked from outside the local chippie. I might even collapse, laughing at the eejit.
Yes, here was another politician laying into the motorised young, a demographic that has no voice, so this is an easy vote catcher.
If "Doctor" (a title that goes against protocol if your phd isn't in medicine) John Reid had any balls, he'd be pursuing the real menace on our streets, one of whom collided with me at the weekend.
I'm talking about mobility scooters ridden by pensioners.
As far as I can determine, the only deaths involving mini motorbikes have occurred when the numbskulls riding them go head-first into lamp posts, minus helmets. Darwinism in action, one might venture.
Mobility scooters on the other hand are responsible for a multitude of mischiefs. There is one self-inflicted death on the record, when some old grannie reversed over the end of a pier into the sea. We've seen a ramraider, several hospitalised pedestrians, and at least one death (caused by some old git running down his victim in a mobility scooter that had been painted in Ferrari colours).
I won't tell you what I shouted at the old fucker who grazed my heel, but he's a regular on our street and treats his scooter like a weapon. They're supposed to drive at 4 mph on pavements.
4 mph my arse.
You can bet your life that this menace won't be targeted by vote-happy politicians on an anti-yob crusade. There'd be an outcry.
Rant over.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Stay home pensioners. Watch the radio. Order in.