August 02, 2006

Ruling from the shadows

Congratulations for being a reader of impeccable taste. Your fine eye for ad and media scatology has helped keep CMM News in the Top 25. It's bloody hard work (thank heavens for the DIY lobotomy that is Big Brother, which gives me the perfect excuse to lock myself away from the Simian Empress and compose the next day's posts).
Holy cow, if the big cheeses on the top floor knew their basement troglodyte had got himself onto BMA's ranking, I'd be soooooo fired.
My blogroll contains my own idea of essential reading, but to the other bloggers who assume the mantle of anonymity, I say: more power to your elbow.
My particular cloak & dagger faves are copyranter (for providing a consistently amusing stream of justified vitriol), Northern Planner (for occasional off-topic diversions sprinkled amongst the regular fascinating nuggets; and he's from Up North), Scamp (a surprisingly sane voice of copywriting who seems to blag some good freebies e.g. Cannes and lunch with Gordon Ramsay) and Why Advertising Sucks (where sweariness hides some deep convictions - I'd hate to get on the wrong side of these guys).
I'm sure there must be tons of other ad bloggers out there. It's too time consuming to go through other blogrolls searching for other gems, especially when they lead outside the admosphere. This is why Mack Collier's BMA list is so useful. How about a monthly top 50 list?
And what other ways are there to get to see the newbies?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. I have yet to find one reason to rail on you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks from me too.

"Surprisingly sane" is one of the nicest compliments I've had in a while!

Anonymous said...

And thanks from me too. Never been called fascinating before. My lords and masters know I blog, yet I still assume a pseudonym. strange that.
Well played on the ranking - I'd be jealous but baldness has stripped me of vanity.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

cheers to all of you. I noticed another anonymous ad blog a couple of days ago which I've added to my roll:
I haven't figured this one out yet, but there's a lot of original material there.
The author is in the UK. It's been going since last September but has slipped under my radar. Worth checking out.