August 11, 2006

Get your lips around this

Being of the male persuasion, it was mightily odd that I’d actually notice a tampon ad. The druggy graphics for this new Tampax spot are notable enough, but the weirdest thing is the script:

“Hey, are you feeling the joyful revolutionary power of flowers, a new feminine freedom. No? (scratch) Well (snort) it’s only the new Tampax Compak. Slightly scented. Enjoy the new Tampax Compak Fresh – the new flower power tampon. Yeeeeah!”

The voiceover is male and the delivery can only be described as leery, especially the final Yeeeeah. And “enjoy” ? Never having had my own front bottom (that wasn’t already attached to another person) I wouldn’t have imagined that word being applied to such a product.
Unless they mean tampon guns. Now you’re talking.

Agency: Leo Burnett

Tags: FMCG, TV ads


Anonymous said...

Tampons should only be advertised, solemnly, by nuns.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

And fluids should always be blue

Anonymous said...

where are the rollerskates?