November 01, 2006

Making a splash

Copyranter’s recent observation about the prevalence of ad babes seemingly splashed with man-milk prompts me to resurrect this gem from Australia.
Apparently model Sarah O’Hare is the focus of much lustful attention down under (maybe she meets the 4 vital criteria required to qualify for the Australian Ideal i.e. rich / gorgeous / sexual morals of an alley cat / owns a pub).
Her appearance in this ad for Bonds Underwear certainly wouldn’t have done her reputation any harm.

Aussie ad numpties’ complaints about the ad make amusing reading:
“My concern is with the word ‘bugger’ which I find offensive.” (This from an Australian?!?);
“I object to a woman wearing next to nothing prancing around the screen, then in a provocative manner removing her top to reveal her bra. She then drinks some milk, dribbles it down her chin and swears.” (As a feminist, I believe women have the right to undress provocatively, and to curse at minor domestic disasters); and
“It promotes the idea that women are sexual objects, and uses their bodies to sell a product.” (Er, this is an underwear ad…)
The Advertising Standards Bureau rejected the complaints.


Scamp said...

Funny how you can make an ad as pornographic as you like, but as long as it has the je t'aime music on it, it's ok.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

Good point. Serge Gainsbourg must get as many royalty payments from ads as Moby