November 07, 2006

Old ladies’ stuff part 7

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This ad ran in most of last weekend's Sunday papers. What it isn't saying is:
  • It's getting close to Christmas.
  • Feeling guilty for not visiting your old ma?
  • Milkman not talking to her any more 'cos she smells of weewee and cabbage?
  • Want to assuage that guilt by enhancing her relationship with her moggie?
  • Be safe in the knowledge you can now get away with two visits a year!
  • She's not going anywhere anyway!
Mind you, while we're on the subject, there's a message I'd like to communicate to next door's cats: Stop shitting in my garden.

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Willoughby said...

My next doot neighbours cats have refined the idea of shitting in my garden and have, for the past two days, been shitting on my welcome mat.

I don't think I ever intended the welcome to have such broad appeal but there you go.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

that's particularly pikey considering that your normal cat likes to bury its poo. Leaving a deposit on your doormat is the feline equivalent of a human doing it in the sink.