November 02, 2006

The future of British TV

By 2012 Britain's analogue TV signal will be switched off. Everyone will supposedly be digital by then. This oppressive dictat by the government will be a slap in the face for the old and the poor. This being Britain, it's going to be a monumental cock-up because the apparently well-established reception of digital telly via roof aerials is very patchy, and will remain so.
I live in a well-populated area and can only receive half the available channels (nothing from the BBC gets through). I'm alright, Jack, because I have satellite TV, but there will still be tens of thousands who won't be able to afford this, or cable, but hey, that's not too many people and who gives a stuff for the wretched hoi-polloi?
Here's a cracking Public Service Announcement on the subject from one of my favourite YouTubers, Adam Buxton.
(Warning: use of fruity NSFW Anglo-Saxon)

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