November 07, 2006

I have seen the face of evil and it is a Hungarian sausage

Holy Brezhnev's teeth! There are still some gems left on YouTube, despite Google's apocalyptic scything of lawyer-unfriendly content. Here's something that's vaguely reminiscent of the bizarre Soviet-era Estonian ads that were so popular on the web a year or so ago.
This remarkable video is promoting Hungarian sausages which appear to be a Satanic-looking mix of pigs' lips and diesel oil. Even more disturbing than the food are the maniacs (including mutant children who look like they didn't get onto Santa's list) munching along to a truly evil soundtrack.
Amazing. Frightening.

Tags: TV ads; Evil


RFB said...

That was freakin' scary - and scary freaky. Classic. Nice find.

You Tube is getting stupid. I had a really fun parody up there that got yanked for "copyright infringement."

Where's a satirst to go?

copyranter said...

I'm just about to go out for lunch. THANKS VERY MUCH.

Alvin said...


Willoughby said...

Why do you think the hungarian sausage account planners felt it was necessary to target nudists?