November 20, 2006

A cerebral interest in exercise vids

Eeegads my back is killing me. I know I have to lose weight, but there's not much point in trying until after Christmas. Swinging on my tyre and flinging poo doesn't really burn calories. So, with my 2007 health plan in mind, I decided to do a bit of research and have hit upon some good exercise videos.
I think you will find these promotional films as interesting as I did. I think I can just about see the benefit of being at peace with the world by taking up yoga. If that doesn't prove adequate, then these exercises as demonstrated by colourful athletes are another option.
These trailers relate to what are euphemistically called "Party Videos" and are from the Stuff4Dudes site.
Warning: these videos just happen to contain semi-naked babes and gratuitous close-up shots, but that's not why they are interesting. No, honestly.

Tags: Naughty bits; Viral


Scamp said...

hard at work again...

SchizoFishNChimps said...

It's either that or lose more braincells watching I'm A Celebrity with the missus