October 31, 2006

Canadian terror plot exposed

It's appropriate on Halloween to expose the myth behind a current story of terror.
Those pesky Canadians are claiming that Glasgow is an extremely dangerous place. It's obviously a ruse by the moose-shagging scamps to hobble Glasgow's (pop: 580,000) chances at landing the 2o14 Commonwealth Games (zzzz).
Glasgow's main rival in the bid is Halifax, Nova Scotia (pop: 22).
The furry-hatted secret task force from across the water were obviously quaking with terror at the paint-bombs going off at the Glasgow housing estate which was the venue for the current Sony Bravia ad.
The delicate souls are clearly behind the ASA complaints about the ad being too reminiscent of 9/11.
I'm therefore reluctant to attribute the complaints to the usual suspects (ad numpties) and point the finger of blame at Canada, where nothing much happens.
The perfect place for the Commonwealth Games, I'd say.

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