November 24, 2006


So, nafness finds a new champion in James Bond as he's seen driving the distinctly middle class Ford Mondeo in Casino Royale. Daniel Craig may have revitalised the 007 franchise but its association with the least glamorous models in Ford's garage somewhat diminishes the Bond aura.
Here's one of several press ads and posters for Ford's Fiesta Zetec with the ubiquitous Bond imagery. As Campaign magazine has pointed out, the ads include an elementary spelling mistake ("Licenced") which agency Ogilvy sheepishly claims is deliberate.
Ford occupies the middle ground in the UK car market, by virtue of being the most popular manufacturer, and its consumers having the most average demographic profiles.
The world of Bond is special. It's a fantasy of dangerous luxury, occupied by eccentric tycoons and glamorous women. James Bond himself is supposed to have been educated at Fettes College, a place where a solid grounding in the basics of the English language would be expected.
Ford and Ogilvy have just made Bond a little less special and a bit more average.


greencan said...

But he looks so good doing it...driving the Ford. When I heard they hired a blondie to play Bond, I insisted that I was going to boycott the movie. However, last weekend I grabbed my sister and saw the movie. I liked the movie,though I tried to hate it, but I'll never admit it anywhere else!

SchizoFishNChimps said...

I always thought he was a terrific choice, but all the product placements... ugh!

Doug said...

it's funny, there i was, on my way to buy a rolex, when all of a sudden i was overwhelmed with desire for a 'beautiful' omega instead

strange, huh?

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Can it beat the remarkably poor placements in Austin Powers 3?

But cmon Ogilvy, thats just so poor.

copyranter said...

Craig is great, but that product placement was a jolt. Bond would have walked, or made a jetpack out of rocks or something before he would drive a Ford, rental or not.

Lex said...

The story was good, trade this sixpacked blonde fag for a more subtle for a more male-ish guy like our great Pierce, more Q branch and now you got a masterpiece and for the Ford its a shame that he didn't drove a car available in the state as a "rental car" a Mondeo making me angry and jealous why not a low priced jag at least they are not only for euro market when knowing that AMERICANS watched this movie too?... lol :P