November 30, 2006

Find Jesus with your holy M&Ms

"M&Ms aren’t just for snacking anymore; they are part of an arsenal of prayer that is being wielded with ever increasing accuracy by the youngest among us. Following are a few ideas to help you and yours pray through a bag of M&Ms. Go ahead, shape the world with your prayer!"

Nothing I say could possibly express my feelings about this madness.

Spotted on b3ta


Alvin said...

So wrong. So so wrong.

Anonymous said...

And, now that M&M's actually let you order them with custom messages, each of those religions could actually be written on them.


glu said...

Actually, to broaden their target, M&Ms can come up with prayer beads for the Muslim folks.
Appeals to yong Muslims aswell, with all the colours and letters, it will cheer the whole thing up.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

Thank God for atheists

glu said...

Yeah! They talk to much though; ruining a perfect night-out-drinking thing with discussions on something that they claim does not exist. And are economically useless, can't really sell belief-realted junk to them, no gatherings, no drama...pff

greencan said...

Does it have to be the peanut ones?