November 14, 2006

Officially Britain's scariest ever ad

You've got to be careful at weekends if you're watching British telly. If you stray onto one of Channel 4's incessant "100 greatest..." programmes, you can find yourself beguiled into losing a good three hours of your life. Such is the allure of list TV, something that rival channel Five has recently got into as well.
The beguiling of the innocent was the theme of this, one of my most favourite ads, for Bacardi Martini's Metz alcopop. It's a perfect 50-second horror story that (supposedly) frightened the bejesus out of many a numpty, prompting complaints.
This video is Channel 4's extended piece on the making of the ad.
Such a shame the drink itself tasted awful.

Click here to see the uninterrupted ad.

Agency: HHCL

Tags: TV ads


Alvin said...

Brilliant brilliant brilliant. One of my favourites also. A complete work of art. Not only tells a story, but condenses an entire mythology. Lots of little hints, make you feel like you're seeing a glimpse of something much bigger.

I wonder which product this would be most appropriate for. Maybe a 'high class' vodka brand?

SchizoFishNChimps said...

And yet it's one that so many people forget. I bet there'll be people in years to come who'll have nightmares after seeing this as a child. Which is good.