November 03, 2006

Uncle Guber’s knob

The Flintstones lighting up, Batman bumming Robin, and the Hooded Claw’s kinky S&M games with Penelope Pitstop. Even in the ‘60s and ‘70s childhood was a minefield of subtly corrupting influences and sexual innuendo.
Quaker (a symbol of sinless, earthy goodness), have put the Wick firmly in Camberwick Green and added another of my favourite children’s icons to the dustbin of iniquity. When this Oatso Simple porridge campaign was launched, we saw the cheeky Windy Miller at his rotary shag pad. Even then, I thought oh-oh, it won’t be long ‘til we see greater mischief.
And so it has come to pass. As reported in a few outraged British newspapers, the latest Oatso Simple TV ad gives us a little more than we expected. Windy’s “Uncle”, a Norwegian naturist, flashes his plasticine willy at the nation’s kids. As if we wouldn’t notice…
Children, give the milk a good stir.


copyranter said...

I had a raging adolescent chubby for Penelope Pitstop.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

Yeegads, tell me about it! Zillions of youngsters must've had a raging crush on her. The insincere yelps of "hey-ulp! hey-ulp!", getting caught, and then the Japanese rope bondage.
Bloody hell.

Alvin said...

Now that you mention it, there were an awful lot of women being tied-up in the kids tv I remember. Mildly sinister. Also seem to remember 'games' which involved contestants receiving facefuls of creamy custard. Those were the days.