November 27, 2006

Anticipated Durex TV ad leaves one...

Chimp Messiah rule #43 for guys on the pull: avoid nicking other men's chat-up lines.
Chimp Messiah rule #11 for making ads about sex aids: unimaginative promotion of penis rings can make you look like a prick.
It started with a promise... excitement... anticipation... then the revelation and.... pffffft. This is the much-hyped ad from Durex that has just aired on British TV.

The gag (always a good response at the end of a first date - boom boom!) is quaint but the effort falls limp because it's been done before.
My feeling of deja vu when seeing this for the first time was confirmed by Brand Republic's revelation that Durex's vibrating penis ring is buzzing to the same tune as a similar product by rival Mates, whose viral ad has been flopping around the internet for months:


greencan said...

I can't get the first one to play, but I see that it's extremely similar...I could think of a million fun/silly/obscene things to do with this ad! This should be an advertiser's dream, but instead, they copy someone else's spot. I'm shaking my head right now!

SchizoFishNChimps said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the video greencan - I've replaced it with a version from Google.