June 02, 2006

Traffic warden virals really hit the spot

Always bury traffic wardens in holes at least 50 feet deep because deep down they are really very nice people. Traffic wardens are the number one bugbear of anti-parking ticket website AppealNow whose latest batch of anti-parking-ticket virals are as good as last year’s brace (they won gold at Cannes Lions Live 2005 Awards).
The first two are chuckle-worthy (“Roll” and “Blindfold”) but the third spot has turned out to be true:
The London Evening Standard recently revealed how a motorist’s legally parked car (in a bay, with a permit on display) had been lifted off the road by a crane so that yellow lines could be painted beneath it. When the driver returned she found that she had been issued with two parking tickets.
This came a day after another incident where a man returned from holiday to find yellow lines had been painted around his car.
If AppealNow is really going to be this prescient, I await to hear the first case of traffic wardens kicking the crap out of drivers with amused trepidation.

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