June 19, 2006

More jolly logo japes in London

In an earlier post I mentioned how the cash-strapped London Borough of Hackney was understandably irate at Nike using exact copies of Hackney’s logo on Nike sports clothing.
There’s another nice little argument developing, but this time it’s not Nike being accused of a logo rip-off, but Hackney Council itself. Hackney’s new logo for the 2012 Olympics is being fiercely criticised by one of its residents, John Thornton, who is chairman of Disability Sport Hackney. The new logo bears a very close resemblance to the one used by the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (a registered charity).It’s not my place to comment on local politics (Thornton has much to say on Hackney’s apparently superficial support of sport and leisure for its proletariat), but judge for yourself on whether the logos look similar.
If the NRAS doesn’t have the cash to challenge Hackney in court, then my suggestion is that it should fire with fire and colour in its grey logo, trim it a bit, and try and jump onto Hackney’s Olympic bandwagon.

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